Boys Varsity Track · Bulldogs run away with boys title

  Place Points
Batesville High School 1st 119
North Decatur High School 2nd 44
JacCenDel High School 3rd 38
Hauser High School 4th 37

The Batesville track and field displayed some incredible performances last night to run away with two victories as they hosted a 4-way meet between Hauser, Jac-Cen-Del and North Decatur. Boys won by almost triple bringing in 119 points! North Decatur was second with 44, JCD just outscored Hauser 38-37. For the girls, they won by just over twice as many points with 111.5 to North Decatur’s 52.5. JCD and Hauser tied as they both had 37 points. It was a pretty beautiful night with very little wind and it only started to get a little chilly as the sun went down and many athletes took advantage of it. The Bulldogs took home many blue ribbons and capture many 1st and 2nd place finishes. Our four blue ribbon winner for the night was Stephanie Nobbe as she had season personal bests in all her individual events. And again, there were many Bulldogs receiving personal bests for the night as I will list at the bottom. But first, for the ribbon winners. The top 5 earned ribbons and points for their team at this meet and for Batesville, they went to the following…

1st place winners (which is quite a list) were:
Adam Bedel-Discus
Kent Meyers-Pole Vault
Sam Haskamp-100m dash and 200m dash
Benjamin Moster-1600m run
JJ Kuisel-400m dash
Tyler Myers-300m hurdles
Adam Moster-800m run
Gabby Gibbs-high jump
Stephanie Nobbe-pole vault, 100m dash and 200m dash
Lilly Meyer-long jump
Liz Loichinger-1600m run
Carley Pride-400m dash
Katie Olsen-800m run
Lily Pinckley-3200m run
Both 4 x 100m relays: Tyler Myers, Justin Heiser, Charlie Laymon, Sam Haskamp and Gabby Gibbs, Lilly Meyer, Roxie Hund and Stephanie Nobbe
Both 4 x 400m relays: Adam Moster, Tyler Myers, Johnathon Lynch and JJ Kuisel and Carley Pride, Liz Loichinger, Gabby Gibbs and Katie Olsen
Both 4 x 800m relays: JJ Kuisel, Johnathon Lynch, Benjamin Moster and Adam Moster and Liz Loichinger, Trysta Vierling, Marai Lopez and Katie Olsen

2nd place finishes went to:
Charlie Laymon-long jump
Adam Bedel-shot put
Zach Gutzwiller-pole vault
Chase Hamilton-110m hurdles and 300m hurdles
Johnathan Lynch-800m run
Isaiah Riffle-200m dash
Dillon Murray-3200m run
Gabby Gibbs-shot put
Katie Bedel-pole vault
Roxie Hund-100m hurdles
Lily Pinckley-1600m run
Katie Olsen 400m dash
Trysta Vierling-3200m run

Earning 3 points with the 3rd place finish are:
Sam Sittloh-shot put
Kent Meyers-high jump
Justin Heiser-100m dash
Nathan Villani-1600m run
Kavin Saravanan-400m dash
Adam Hollowell-3200m run
Maria Lopez-800m run
Lilly Meyer-200m dash

4th place were:
Gabe Gunter-high jump
Faith Teckulve-discus
Katie Bedel-long jump
Lilly Meyer-100m dash
Roxie Hund-300m hurdles

And finishing out the scoring earning 1 point for the team and the 5th place ribbon were:
Justin Heiser-long jump and Carley Pride-high jump

Taking advantage of the weather and earning personal bests for the night by event were:
100m dash: Isaiah Riffle, Sam Haskamp, Charlie Laymon, Justin Heiser, Jacob Wuestefeld, Manav Patel, Lilly Meyer, Michaela Nobbe and Taylor Townsley
200m dash: Isaiah Riffle, Sam Haskamp, Charlie Laymon, Justin Heiser, Ben Schebler, Jacob Wuestefeld, Lilly Meyer andTaylor Townsley
110/100 hurldes: Chase Hamilton and Katie Bohman
300m hurldes: Roxie Hund
800m dash: Johnathon Lynch, Adam Moster, Joshua Myers and Will Nuhring
1600m run: Benjamin Moster
3200m run: Adam Hollowell, Daren Smith, Trysta Vierling
Discus: Adam Bedel, Sam Haskamp and Carlie Schrank
Shot Put: Connor Batchelor, Jack Forbeck, Chase Hamilton, Levi Lowery and Will Messerschmidt
Pole Vault: Kent Meyers, Zach Gutzwiller, Kasin Hughes and Maria Lopez
Long Jump: Charlie Laymon, Isaiah Riffle, Tyler Myers, Jacob Wuestefeld, Lilly Meyer, Callie Main, and Shalee Harrington
4 x 800m split: Dillon Murray, Kavin Saravanan, Alex Livers and Daren Smith
4 x 400m split: Joshua Myers, Nathan Villani, Quinn Rasnick, Carley Pride, Ava Ralston and Katie Bohman
4 x 800m relay team: of Daren Smith, Nathan Villani, Alex Livers and Dillon Murray
4 x 400m relay teams of: Joshua Myers, Elliott Mertz, Nathan Villani and Quinn Rasnick and Maria Lopez, Shalee Harrington, Katie Bohman and Ava Ralston