Boys Varsity Track · BHS boys track and field team wins at Greensburg

The Batesville High School track team opened up their outdoor season tonight with a double victory over the Greensburg Pirates.

The boys won 80-52, while the girls ran away with the victory 91-41. The boys came away champions in 10 of the 16 events with the girls winning 12.

Despite the 17mph windy conditions, the threat of showers stayed away and the early spring season air made it feel just like it should for the opening of the 2019 track season.

Batesville had several individuals who were multiple blue ribbon winners. Senior Stephanie Nobbe brought home the most with 4 winning all 4 of the events she was in which included PV (8’0″), 100m dash (13.78). 200m dash (28.39) and the 400m relay (54.33). Way to go Stephanie!

Other 1st place winners were:
110/100m hurdles: Roxie Hund and Adam Bedel
200m dash: Sam Haskamp
300m hurdles: Tyler Meyers and Roxie Hund
400m dash: Vonley Hund and Carley Pride
800m run: Adam Moster and Katie Olsen
1600m run: Joshua Myers
3200m run: Joshua Myers
High Jump: Gabe Gunter and Carley Pride
Long Jump: Lilly Meyer
400m relay of: Gabi Gibbs, Lilly Meyer, Roxie Hund, Stephanie Nobbe
1600m relays of: Adam Moster, Tyler Meyers, Kavin Saravanan, JJ Kuisel and Katie Olsen, Liz Loichinger, Gabi Gibbs and Carley Pride
3200m relays of: JJ Kuisel, Joshua Myers, Benjamin Moster, Adam Moster and Liz Loichinger, Lily Pinckley, Trysta Vierling and Katie Olsen

Taking home the red ribbons for 2nd place were:
110m hurdles: Chase Hamilton
100m dash: Lilly Meyer
200m dash: Isaiah Riffle
400m dash: JJ Kuisel
800m run: Liz Loichinger
1600m run: Adam Moster and Liz Loichinger
3200m run: Lily Pinckley
High Jump: Kent Meyers and Gabi Gibbs
Long Jump: Justin Heiser and Callie Main
Shot Put: Adam Bedel and Gabi Gibbs
Discus: Adam Bedel and Katie Bedel

And finishing out the scoring for the night winning 3rd place were:
100m dash: Justin Heiser
200m dash: Charlie Laymon and Lilly Meyer
300m hurdles: Chase Hamilton and Katie Bohman
800m run: Benjamin Moster
1600m run: Benjamin Moster
3200m run: Trysta Vierling
High Jump: Katie Bedel
Shot Put: Katie Bedel
Discus: Callie Main
Pole Vault: Zach Gutzwiller and Katie Bedel

Again, the winds were super strong at times and many events were facing that wind head on, making for tough running, throwing and jumping conditions. Despite this, the Bulldogs had several athletes start off the season with a personal best.
4 x 800 split time-Adam Hollowell
400m dash-Kavin Saravanan, Vonley Hund, Kasin Hughes
4 x 400 split time-Tyler Meyers, Kavin Saravanan, Johnathan Lynch
High Jump-Kent Meyers, Gabe Gunter, Johnathan Lynch
Long Jump-Charlie Laymon
Shot Put-Sam Sittloh and Jack Forbeck
Discus-Katie Bedel, Taylor Townsley and Georgie Doll