Multiple Teams · Batesville High School Junior Varsity Football beat Rushville Cons. High School 24-16

Monday, September 12, 2016

6:00 PM

Rushville Cons. High School

Batesville High School

Game Recap

The Batesville High School junior varsity football team defeated Rushville by a score of 24-16.

Batesville was up 18-0 at half before the Lions stormed back.

Offensively, Austin Siefert, Drew McLeod and Eric Harmeyer all played well for the Bulldogs, according to coach Eric Feller. Siefert had one touchdown catch and 74 receiving yards. McLeod had 100 yard rushing game with two touchdowns, while Harmeyer threw for one touchdown and had 178 passing yards.

Defensively, Adam Bedel led the team with two sacks, while Denny Sweezey added another. Zach Jones, Danny Aylor, and Ridge Douglas also did a great job with each having a tackle for loss, according to Feller.